Chaokun Udon Wat Tham Wat ThaNak MongKhun (Rayong), Phra Khun Paen Phim Yin 1’st Batch, BE.2545, Code number 198 Phra Khun Paen 1st Batch Phim Yin Created Only 300 pcs This pcs is number 198 This special batch of Khun Paen is unofficially Known as Khun Paen Donnie Yen (HongKong Superstar Movie), after appear a video of Donnie Yen’s wearing this Khun Paen as a gift from Tony Jaa. Only 300 were made Material use for this special batch Khun pean is not prai guman not prai gunika , this powder use is more rare and different level of holy powder were used to created this special batch of Khun Pean is name Kraduk Phra which mean holy ash from ” holy Buddha ” ash is collect from Tibet. He was believed to be a special reincarnated being from the heavens and the parents of Pin Yin handed the powder to CK Udom to create amulets to help the people. For first batch only 300 piece made 100 piece was given to Tony Jaa. The rest of the remaining 200 odd pieces were then distributed out to people, from high ranking officials to the locals and people who either tamboon and donated to the temple or helped out in the temple. Not many left on hand now and hard to source from the Market since not many are willing to let go!! Contains the highest amount of prai “Buddha” of the little boy monk who passed away at the age of 10 years old. This batch of Roon 1 KP was also were blessed for long time and also added with many old amulets Chao Khun collected over the years, including many of Mae chi boon ruen amulets given to her personally to Chao Khun. Less than 200 are in the market and mainly only people who donated to the temple got it. Chao kun yant on them personally and hand mould. Each piece looks different and unique on its own with number at the bottom of the amulet with yant on silver sheet and Temple for authenticity.

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