LP Tim Wat Lahanrai (Rayong), Phra Khun Paen Phong PlaiGuman Wat Bowin, BE.2515-17 This Phra Khun Paen Phong PlaiGuman Was Chanted by LP Tim For Wat Bowin to Help Raise Fund in BE.2515 Super Star pcs… Means this actual pcs featured in the hard cover book of Rayong Great Monk Amulet’s as a model. Come with Nice Rahoo Design Gold Frame (7.3 gram) (SUPER STAR AND COLLECTOR ITEM) if u interest pls contact: BBM: D2A1C01A WA: +62818 06355588 Line/wechat: bhagavagallery ——————————————— We provide guaranteed authenticity Thailand Amulet, Money Back Guaranty 100% if proven Fake only by “Major Competition” ——————————————— For More Collection: FB: www.FaceBook.com/BhagavaGallery Blog: www.bhagava-gallery.blogspot.com/

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