Additional Information: Phra Khunpaen Pim Yai by Archan Chum B.E.2497 with 4 chops (SUPER RARE) This batch of Phra Khun Paen was mass chanted in a big ceremony by many top monks like Lp Kong(Wat Ban Suan), Lp Kling(Wat Taluntong), Lp Ngern(Wat Donyaihom), PT Klai(Wat Suan Kan), Ac Num(Wat Donsala) and many others. This batch of Phra Khun Paen was chanted for 7 diferrent purposes like Metta Mahaniyom (Attractiveness), Kongkrapan (Protection), Mahalarp(Great Luck) for 7 days each.

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