Experience magical love attraction and wealth success with powerful amulets of Phra Khun Paen.
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Bring Ultra Love Attraction – Ultra Success & Wealth – Ancient Love Magic that Works.
Men wearing this special edition Khun Paen will experience powerful increased of love attraction, increased sex appeal, strong and supporting relationships with people that will lead to success and popularity. Women who wear this will experience good relationship with anyone and will lead to increased popularity at work and with people. Increase of sex appeal energy for men is guaranteed by Luang por Inparnwisuto. (Wat San Tai Northern Thai Chiangmai)

Original Directly From Temple – Free Shipping From Thailand
90 Days Consecration Process By 5 Great Gurus of Great Loving Kindness. (metta)


Khun Paen was handsome and very attractive to ladies. Although, he had many wives, but still many ladies fell in love with him. Khun Paen had magical knowledge. Khun Paen is handsome and with a well built body, but poor because the King has executed his father and seized their property. He enters the monkhood as a novice to get educated, excelling at military skills and love magic. Khun Chang, a tax collector is not good looking but rich and having good and strong connection with the ministry. He owns many gambling dens. Read on >>


90 Days – Powerfully Infusion of Thousands of Strong Spirits & Souls.
Powerful features as told by monks who consecrated these Powerful Khun Paen amulets.

These batch of Khun Paen are limited to a total of only 199 pieces. They have been consecrated through 90 days of powerful metta ceremony. This consecration ceremony is also known as sharing of merits and loving kindness to all surrounding spirits and souls at the place of the ceremony. Perhaps thousands of souls had received the merits during the process of consecration, and the energy of the souls had been infused into each of the Khun Paen amulets, empowering the amulets with strong power of metta. Wearers is guaranteed to experience a change of interpersonal relationship with people around, and love attraction and strong appeal towards man who wears it. The powerful energy will bring upon attraction of good-willed people who may lead wearers to success and windfall of wealth.  

Powerful Energies That Will Change Your life! Experience it to believe!

Powerful Love Attraction & Sex Appeal. Make any women fall in love with you and strongly lustful towards you

Wins & Success in Business and Competitions. Win against your rivals at any forms of challenges or competitions.

Increase of Wealth, Get Unexpected Windfall of Wealth at business or gambling. Get luckier at anything you desire. 

Increase Popularity, Luck & Fame. Become famous and popular on whatever you are currently working on.

Strong Love Binding towards your partner or towards anyone you desire. Special katha will be given for wishes.